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dotmogo is a central hub for motion graphics in the UK.  We bring you the best of the latest goings-on of designer/directors, animators and experimentalists working in, broadcast graphics, TV channel branding, animation,commercials and beyond.

dotmogo story

In 2008 Tim Rabjohns set up a blog called Uncle Shriek’s World of Idents – a blog about his clients in the TV branding industry. As the popularity of the blog rose, Tim decided to expand the remit of what he was writing about and include motion graphics from a much wider spectrum, as well as host a selected directory of freelancers & companies in order to help the mo-graph community get to know each other – so, dotmogo was born….

About Tim Rabjohns and L&F Music

Tim is currently working with L&F Music – an award winning music studio and audio branding consultancy based in central London.  L&F Music are well known for their audio branding work – for broadcasters, mobile phone and digital companies.  They compose original music, produce and record artists for the music industry, labels, advertiserssoftware companies, and theatre and film directors.  They’ve worked with some big names, and plenty of small ones too.  They also handle a lot of audio post production – including voice overs, sound design and mixing for TV and film.

Before this Tim had set up his first music company in the 1990’s, which eventually evolved into Shriek – one of the top London audio production and composition houses. Shriek received many awards over the years from D&AD, Promax, Royal Television Society and more.

Tim has worked on hundreds of jobs as an executive producer. Over time he has developed a deep passion for social media and it’s various platforms.

All of this has been put into dotmogo so the rest of you can share it and help keep our motion graphic community alive and healthy.