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I notice that Art & Graft had some new work out recently and as we have not had them on the blog until now, it only seemed polite to drop in for a chat….

I had heard of the Michael Moloney Studio before, but had not seen any of his work since he formed Art & Graft in 2010.  Mike told me he wanted to be able to do jobs with more than just freelancers and create a better consistency to their output – and now they have a core staff including producer Dom Thompson-Talbot, and think of themselves more as a design studio rather than just a motion graphics shop.

Recently they were approached by Spectrum, a leading provider of autism services based in Cornwall, to produce a film that would allow people to learn more about the charity and how they treat autism and its associated behavioural disorders.

Told through the eyes of a service user the story follows the history of Spectrum, explains their progressive approach to caring for autism and outlines the charity’s ambitions for the future.  The film was made partly by the use of old school hand drawn frames and partly with Cinema 4D for things like the big camera moves.  I love the flow of this film – it constantly gives out information, but I never felt like I was being preached to – which I think is so important in charity videos.Mike explained that the film is part of their complete visual rebrand of Spectrum, including printed material, signage and digital presence.  They developed a great working relationship with the client by developing an organic relationship with them – explaining each stage of the process to them as they went along.  You can see more here

Credits: Written, Produced, Directed & Designed: Art & Graft, Voice-Over – Flora Montgomery, Music & Sound Design: Zelig

William Hill – Las Vegas

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By contrast another recent job – a commercial for William Hill called for something a bit bolder – a big tune and some no-nonsense graphics.  Advertising agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay (BMB) approached them to create the new TV campaign.  Mike elaborated: “They made it clear that they wanted something that was eye catching, vibrant and contemporary. Something that took the classic iconography of Las Vegas, especially the slot machines, and gave it a modern twist – or put another way “give us a contemporary take on a retro style”.

Dom told me that they went through a few different permutations before they hit on a visual style and animation technique that we thought suited the script.  Created in Cinema 4D, they also wanted to include an element of narrative in the piece – hence the journey of the coin.  What also helped was lots of communication from the client and the agency, to understand that they both wanted to push the design and move on from their previous look.

Credits: Written, Produced, Directed & Designed: Art & Graft

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo

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