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While we are furiously scratching our heads and debating the Best of 2012 at dotmogo towers – I have been very taken by this promo/infographic film made by Mr Binns from Beakus  for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The animation was created using Maya and After Effects and very elegantly explains the Foundation’s concept of a Circluar Economy, in which all goods are re-cycled by their manufacturers, leading to a sustainable cyclical re-use of the world’s raw materials. It’s a great concept, which could so easily have been told in a boring way.  Whilst watching this, however I was transported into their circular world and everything they said makes total sense…I particularly like the shape of the future washing machines and photocopiers as the endless detail like the circular rug in the living room – its a piece that can definitely stand multiple viewings.

I rang up Steve Smith , producer (and  Beakus supremo) to find out a bit more “It was a great idea, but came to us a quite a dry script with lots of ideas to get accross.  At the start of the project our job was to trim it down so it would still convey lots of ideas, but in a charming and engaging way.  Once we had done that we came up with the look of the “worker bee” characters, which inspired the rest of the circular designs.  We also worked very hard on the colour palette and the feel, so as not to make it too high tech and alienating to everyday people.”

[vimeo w=573&h=322]

On the same theme of recycling I also wanted to show a little clip from a CBBC program that Beakus have been working on called ‘Totally Rubbish‘, commissioned by Dot to Dot.

This is a 10-part series is broadcast on CBBC and each episode features an array of graphics and animation by the Beakus team, led by director Leo Bridle. The animated clips include the logo, show graphics, straps and wipes; ten 2D animated biopics of famous artists; ten stop-frame animated tete-a-tete’s between two Scottish refuse bins; and ten comic capers with Banksy-style graffiti’d animals – which I’m totally loving! (I’ve always fantasised that Banksy would do an animation film one day)

Totally Rubbish‘ is a classic ‘make’ show, where the presenters create art, but with the twist being that everything is sourced from thrown-away trash, or total rubbish. For their part, Leo designed and boarded all the work, and was ably helped to realise them by the ‘rubbish’ team.  Good work Beakus!

credits: Production company: Beakus, director: Mr Binns, Production Manager Laura Thomas, Animators Mr Binns & Rob Thomson, Modelling Mr BInns & Mike Farrar, Sound Design Fonic, Voice Graeme Mackenzie

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo

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