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Not long now till our end of year round up (next week), but in the meantime – it’s time to get brainy. Veit Anselm  just finished his architectural study at the University of Arts in Berlin, and he made a movie called “Blickwinkel” is a part of his final thesis. We loved his otherworldly 3D visualisations and asked him to tell us more. He said “Right now I’m working as an architect in the competition section. The last two years I was working as a freelancer for all kinds of  architectural visualization. Mostly architectural renderings but also hand drawings. This is when i tried to improve my render skills etc…”

Veit was very honest about his influences for Blickwinkel, as he explains: “One of the inspirations for my piece, is a rendered film by Alex Roman, which i saw 3 years ago. He took existing architectural masterpieces and created and an unbelievable powerful atmosphere. When i saw this piece i was fascinated by the the perfect way he used 3DS Max and Vray. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to make a movie like that.  I have to admit, that I didn’t even came close, he’s still way way ahead in terms of technique and style. OK he’s the best i know and really pushing the limits. But the good thing is I will keep on trying until i come close… you can see his amazing film here

He continues: “About the same time i was working in New York for Rafael Vinoly Architects and I had the chance to visit House Falling Water from Frank Lloyd Wright. It was only much later that I realised how this building had left an impression on me. This one and the Villa Malaparte were my architectural inspirations for my design of Blickwinkel.”

“The name Blickwinkel kind of explains the project. In German “Blickwinkel” has a two meanings. It’s an “angle of view” (technical) but also a “point of view” (philosophical). Depends on the way you use it. This is also true for the project. I don’t want to say anymore about it.  I’m glad if the viewer has questions, if not I hope that you at least enjoy the atmosphere . I just wanted to push a button… the rest is up to you…”

About the Software:”Credit goes to Geocontrol (plus a lot of painting work in Photoshop) and the Itoo Forrest pack.  I also used Vray.  It is one of the most common render engines. It’s more ore less a very smart and fast formula to calculate the light etc.”

“Amphiotik Synthesis is a simple Program to improve your audio file and make a little bit 3D – it wasn’t a large part of the project. I just used it for the piano. You may the notice effect if you watch the film with headphones.”

We thank Veit for all his extra details on this piece.  Let us know if you would like to see more about this kind od architectural visualisation.  Also if you have suggestions for the best piece of motion graphics of the year – then send in your nominations…

Author: Reuben Armstrong

Digital Creative at Conran Design Group

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