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As we are getting ready for the new year and thinking about the future I thought it would be nice to have a look at a whimsical set of idents made by Cake with that theme for the Pause Fest 2012.  It centres around three pairs of glasses that show the future when you look through them.  In this case it’s quite a psychedelic Yellow Submarine sort of version – I particularly like the wild llama walking around near Regents Canal (in London) – it would make the Sunday stroll so much more interesting…

I spoke to Thiago Maia at Cake to get a bit more detail. “Pause Fest 2012 Australia invited us to do one of the IDs and although we are better known for animation, we decided to do a mix of live action and animation to give ourselves more of a challenge.”

“Some of the most interesting things from this project was the helmet cam which we built from scratch using tutorials we found on the internet.  Also, for the glasses themselves and the box at the end – we mocked them up in Illustrator and then we went to this amazing company called the 4D Model Shop  in the East End of London who do laser cutting and they cut everything out for us including the logo.”

All the filming was done on Canon 5d and Canon 550D – which was much more reliable than the weather – which made them take two trips to Brighton to film instead of one…

Still the end result was worth it – just a shame there was not enough time to have a proper adventure with the future specs – maybe there’s room for a longer tale in 2013?  What would you do with yours…?

Client: Pause Fest, Directed & Produced by Cake, Design and Animated: David Pocull, Thiago Maia, Composite: Thiago Maia & Anton Bohlin, Director of Photography: Thiago Maia, Producer: Nicholas Wilkinson, Props producer: Marcela Tossi, music & SFX: White Noise Lab


Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo

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