What’s The Best Motion, Animation And VFX Work of 2011?


Well despite the weird climate change weather and the European financial meltdown, there dosn’t seem to be anything wrong with people’s creative urges.  It is often said that recessions bring more escapism to the creative fore – see what you think as we have a look at our favourite picks of animation, motion graphic and computer generated pieces from 2011.  We will put these before an industry Jury in Jan 2012 and let you know who the winners of each category are.  Your votes/comments can count towards this – so let us know what you think, or if we have left someone out…

Best Piece of  Television Branding

Some great work in this category this year notably Jon Yeo’s Sky 3D idents

Also Double G Studios’ T4 Robots

Dixon Baxi’s Kommersant ident

Discovery UK’s refresh

and finally Channel 4’s Usain Bolt Ident

Commercial Graphics

In this category we have  Dentsu Studio’s balletically beautiful Canon Pixma ad

Also Saam Farahmand’s “Machine” for Soulwax is quite mindbending, but like his video for The Klaxons, it’s sexy, odd and compelling

Best Television Promo

We think this is a difficult category to work in because budgets are not as good as those for channel branding or commercials work – which is why strong creative ideas that look great on a budget stand out.

Nominated are Eli Zaccour’s Art Revealed for BBC

The Monaco Grand Prix F1 trailer by Turquoise for BBC

and Creative Nut’s Dexter Promo

Best Outdoor Event Graphics

There are not many companies in this category that have come to our attention – luckily they are amazing so, here are a few of their works…

The Dark Room’s Goodwood projections

Shangri’La Projections at Glastonbury 2011

and MIE’s very cool 188 Bet Live Video game

Best VFX

This is still an area we are developing on dotmogo and we are eager for more people to come forward with submissions for us.  However there are some great contenders here already – see what you think…

Burrell Durrant Hifle’s Wonders of The Universe  graphics for the BBC

The Mill’s work on the Primeval Series

Best Animation Short

After Salesman Pete, Team Cerf’s came up with another tour de force in Meet Buck – you will not believe that so much could happen in four minutes, or that a guy with a deer’s head is dating a human girl – amazing!

We must also mention the folks at Treat Studios – with their hand drawn high-energy creative styles. In particular their video for Crystal Antlers

Best 2D animation

Sander van Dijk ‘s piece for Pause Fest in Melbourne

A great Saul Bass inspired charity video from Brand New School and Antidote for the Only The Brave Foundation

Best Experimental Graphics

this is where art in firmly in control over commerce and there are some very imaginative pieces here – we would also be open to more nominations for this category (or any category for that matter…)

Stuart Sinclair amazed us with his macro lens experiments

and Tell No One amazed us with their Francis-Bacon-like Metanoia experiment.

So that’s it for now – let us know what you think and we will get back to you in January with the results…Season’s Greetings and get some rest…(we will be)

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo

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