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Dunning Penney Jones (DPJ) have been busy recently and have just released a batch of jobs.  I caught up with one of their design directors, Peter Allinson , who told me about a couple of jobs that he worked on recently.  First up a set of titles for a series of music acts called “Launched at the Red Bull Studios”

He told me ” We were commissioned by Red Bull to produce the title sequences and graphics package for a unique 10 part Channel 4 music series championing up and coming bands and singers set to break through in the year ahead. Each show presents the profile of an act, seeing them perform live in Red Bull’s London studios, as well as talking candidly about their history and hopes for the future.”

Armed with just a Canon 5D Mark 2, a tripod and a measuring tape, the creative solution for the title sequence was a journey through London combining stop motion and time lapse photography. The technique creates the effect of being ‘launched’ at hyper speed, travelling through many locations whilst sustaining the illusion of walking in real time. The idea celebrates the importance of London as an inspiring destination for new talent in the music industry.  He also told me – “We wanted to create a thought provoking piece that used the purity of video and photography without relying on visual effects; a very rare quality in todays CG driven industry. This gave the sequence a raw edginess that would reflect the journeys of the musical talent showcased throughout the series”.

I think there is something more arresting about the fact that there is no special trickery going on here – the purity is refreshing – and probably speeded up the production schedule no end!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/31549563 w=573&h=322]

Epic True Stories – Secondly they were recently appointed to create idents for the famous American public broadcasting channel – PBS which is now launching in the UK.  PBS is one of America’s most valued brands, with over 124 million viewers.  DPJ’s task was that of  communicating the brand to British audiences who have been unaware of them until now.The creative brief was to show PBS’s core brand proposition of ‘Epic True Stories’ and produce idents that support this and reflect their four pillars of content; history, science, current affairs and arts & entertainment. DPJ created idents based on an infinite photographic montage that reflects both the breadth and depth of PBS content. Matt Penney, Creative Director said “We created the framework of the mosaic using a particle generator which gave us flexibility and control for this production as well as future versions of the idents”.

We devised a simple but visually arresting concept that involves taking the viewer on a journey through vibrant imagery, using dynamic camera moves to create an infinite photographic montage that reflects the breadth of each genre. To reinforce the scale and quality of programming, we commissioned four differently themed music compositions to help further convey the content genres in terms of pace and atmosphere

PBS UK marks the public television company’s first major foray abroad since it was founded more than four decades ago.

Finally they recently won the pitch to re-work the Sony PlayStation logo and branding, which was felt to have become diluted over the passage of time. They were asked to re-establish the brand’s iconic status.  As it is not primarily a motion graphic project, I am putting a link to all the visuals and the full story on the DPJ site here

Credits: PBS: Creative director –  Matt Penney, Designer & Director: Peter Allinson, Producer – Sophie Hamp, Researcher/production assistant – Mary Roe Hoets, Post production- Mooschool, Animator/compositor – Nick Maroussas, Music production – Hum

Red Bull:Creative director – Peter Allinson, Producer – Sophie Hamp, Music –  Let’s Talk About It – White Denim, Channel 4 Series Producer – Jordan Read.

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo


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