Ekes Pages & MRK – Playground Festival Titles 3D animation


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Firstly – I just want to say – I love this! The textures, the mystery and the alien aquatic feel – add it to a decent script and you could easily be in Prometheus or Alien territory.   I had a chat with Jordi Pages – one of the director/animators behind this to find out what the hell it was about…

It turns out that the Playgrounds Audiovisual Arts Festival came to him to ask him to create the title sequence for their festival.  there was no particular brief – they just said “be creative” The only constraint was time.   Jordi called in some great collaborators – Gabor Ekes and Markos Kay  and they set off armed with some very subjective research into “playgrounds” and a Dropbox folder between them.

As far as Jordi’s part in this project,  he confided in me “for me the playground I grew up with was the woodlands around the farm where I grew up. In this piece I was particularly inspired by puffball mushrooms – tha shape and the way they would eject their powder. There was a lot of time pressure in this project – we only had three weeks in total, with a working version in two!.  Although this was difficult we didn’t mind because we could see how important to do creatively free projects like this – it really helps you grow as an artist.”

They aimed to mix all the three sections together in an edit and cut in different worlds every two shots.  However when they tried it, they saw that it worked best with one segment after another.  In case you are wondering who did what part – Gabor  did the first part, the second part was Jordi and the third was Markos.  There is also a fine sonic performance from Echolab that backs it all up.

Jordi also said this of the Playgrounds festival itself – “It’s a great size for an event – they treated us very well and there were plenty of opportunities for making connections and sharing ideas with other creators. They had speakers from all over the world and the festival programme offers an inspiring mix of inventive films, documentaries, animation, graphic design, artist talks, character design and performances with many industry people as well as students.”

Playgrounds Audiovisual Arts Festival is a festival for innovative and creative digital art. During the two-day festival in Tilburg, Playgrounds presents an impression of the latest developments in technology as well as creativity. The festival programme offers an inspiring mix of inventive films, documentaries, animation, graphic design, artist talks, character design and performances.

Credits: Creative Direction & Animation: Jordi Pagès, Gabor Ekes, MRK Score & Sound Design – ECHOLAB Composers – Tobias Norberg, Gavin Little, Sound Design – Gavin Little Assistant Sound Designer – Joe McHugh

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo


  1. As a professional 3D artist running a company in vizualising, I love this.
    Fantastic work.

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