‘Ments’ Experimental Animation by Jordi Pages


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At Dotmogo, as well as showcasing top work from companies out there, we actively look for interesting self-initiated projects from the freelance community. Recently we came across this great piece by Jordi Pages called ‘Ments’. It reminded me of a previous piece we featured, entitled ‘Krak’ by Joan Masoliver, and funnily enough when we followed it up we find out that Jordi and Joan are flat-mates!

Jordi has been working as a 3D designer with Seeper for the past few years and explained that he wanted to try something that was free from the constraints of architectural mapping. He explains “I felt the urge to create something that didn’t have to work on a particular surface, the grading wasn’t conditioned by the projectors brightness, or even choosing the camera angle.”

Ments is a particularly abstract piece and I wondered where the inspiration came from. Jordi says he always likes to start with a pen and paper, to free him from the limitations of the software and his technical knowledge. The sketches are dark and wild and the animation is very true to the originals, which shows Jordi’s excellent ability to translate ideas to reality.

I wanted to ask Jordi more about the creatures featured in the piece and he admitted that during the project he was more focused on the visual than the story, as often occurs with such experimental projects. But sometimes that’s not a bad thing, it’s rare that creatives are allowed to put the story to one side and concentrate on trying something new.

Interestingly enough I found that despite the abstract nature of the creatures, we place a story-line onto them automatically. I noticed that when Jordi talked about the creatures he suggest there was a “conversation” and also talked about the “birth and death” of these alien entities. Although they seem to have an unknown language, when forced to describe them we can’t help but place human characteristics on them.

The project is composed and well thought-through, with nice detailing such as the typography, using After Effects plug-in Plexus to rig the letters. The sound design is also really dynamic, a collaboration with Echoic. Jordi explains he was always keen to give creative licence to the sound designers and work with them, rather than just brief them and wait to see what comes back.

Finally I had to ask about the name of the project. Jordi told me that ‘Ments’ is the Catalan word for minds. Jordi likes to give Catalan names to all projects, like a little stamp. He is now freelancing, mostly in London and looking for more exciting projects. “There are some really talented people working out there and I would like to meet them all to share and learn, and while on the journey, develop myself as a designer and create my own style.” We look forward to following Jordi’s next steps and have no doubt he will achieve his goals.

Credits: Creative Direction, Design & Motion: Jordi Pages, Sound Design: Echoic Audio.

Author: Reuben Armstrong

Digital Creative at Conran Design Group


  1. Muy Bueno! Great Work Jordi! Lovely style and compositions!

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