MIE – CCTV Olympic Animated Promo


[vimeo http://vimeo.com/46357091 w=573&h=322]

Well now that the Paralympics is on we felt like we could post some more of the amazing Olympic inspired creative that is going on this summer.  I loved the semi abstract nature of this animation – the flocking triangles and the colour really built a sense of excitement for me.  Another plus point is that it’s so tastefully put together – definately not a given in sports graphics!

In another unusual twist we have a British animation company exporting back to China.  Their state broadcaster – CCTV commissioned top London animators M-I-E to create their main Olympic promo.  I spoke to Yibi Hu from M-I-E who worked on the project.  He told me that of all their ideas the client went with one inspired by London’s triangular theme.  Apparently the triangle is the official shape of the Olympics because it is the third London Olympics – hence the three sides – clever!

I asked Yibi how it was made and he said “it was quite a challenging project, using both 2D and 3D techniques.  The triangles were created in Cinema 4D.  Live footage was used as reference for some of the atheletes with 3D camera projection and some, eg the cyclist, were pure animation.”   The whole lot was then comped in Flame at Time based Arts and given a final fine tune to the colour .  All in all the extra care and fine tunig really pays off in the final piece, I reckon.

Any one else got some outstanding Olympic/Paralympic motion work they want to tell us about…?

Credits:Production company: MIE, Director: MIE, Design: MIE, Project Manager: Eduarda Lima, Rigging: Rafael Jimenez, Character animation: Robert Findlay, Rafael Jimenez, Bea Ujj, Pryce Duncalf, VFX: Pryce Duncalf, Tom Geraedts, Simon Graham, Rotoscoping: Maja Tetlak, Yuki Kijima, Clara Pougeard, AE compositing: Tom Geraedts, Eduarda Lima, Editing: MIE, Flame compositing: Michael Skrgatic @Time Based Arts, Music: Meanred

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo


  1. wonderful job.
    Any possibility for a tutorial?

  2. Wow, what a fantastic video. Really very creative use of video graphics. what was this made with?

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