Passion Pictures – UK Stadium for BBC Olympics

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I have to hold my hand up and say that I’m not a great fan of sport (on TV or in real life), but I thought it was my patriotic duty to tune into at least some of the Olympic footage on the BBC.  How glad I was as it was just at the time when they decided to show the full length version of this animation behemoth from Passion pictures.

At over two mins 30 The Stadium has everything that you would expect – the majestic horns at the beginning, the pitter patter sound in the rhythm track from Vangelis’ Chariot’s of Fire, the comprehensive shot list of iconic British landscapes, and the sense that Team GB is going to come home with a pocket full of gold.  In short it pushed all the buttons in me that I thought were unpushable and made me feel good.  If that what artistic endeavour is about – then this has suceeded!

I think Pete Candeland has done a great job – building on his previous BBC Olympic trailer for the Beijing Games.  What I also like is the style of the piece – part photo realistic and part animated character – a sort of continuation from Passion Pictures’s  British Gas ads

Also – lest we forget here is his previous olympic BBC trailer, done with Rob Valley and  soundtrack by Damon Albarn, in all it’s crazy Chinese-gone-modern glory – also brilliant!

[vimeo w=573&h=322]

Credits: Director:Pete Candeland, Production companies: Passion Pictures, London , Red Bee Media, AgencyRKCR / Y&R, London, Exec Creative director: Damon Collins, Creatives:Jules Chalkley , Nick Simons , Paul Angus , Ted Heath, Exec Producers: Hugo Sands , Michael Adamo, Producers: Lottie Hope , Sarah Caddy, Animators: Cath Brooks , Chris Olsen , Conor Ryan , David Sigrist , Florian Mounie ,James Farrington , Mark Brown , Rodrigo Torres , Wes Coman, Editor: Anne Monnehay , Jamie Foord, music: Elbow

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo