Patrick Mccue & Tobias Wiesner – Golem animation

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Ok – time for a bit of beautiful slow-mo Sci Fi animation.  Get your good speakers plugged in, hit full screen and treat yourself to what could be star clusters or a microscopic look at your brain.  Either way – it’s beautiful and very tastefully executed.  I think this is the look and feel of my perfect video game – everything is so lush that I wanted to climb inside.

Directors  Patrick Mccue & Tobias Wiesner were inspired by a story called  GOLEM XIV by Stanislaw Lem written in 1973.  The book is written from the perspective of a military A.I. computer who obtains consciousness and starts to refuse military support because it detects a basic lacking of internal logical consistency of war.  GOLEM gives several lectures with focus on mankind’s position in the process of evolution and the possible biological and intellectual future of humanity before it ceases communication.

Judging by the quality of this production you would have thought that it was produced by some high end VFX house. However it was part of their design thesis at the GSO Acacdemy in Germany.  It took over a year to research and conceptualize and then over two years to make the sound and picture in their spare time using  Lightwave (FPrime, Kray), Nuke, Aftereffects and Trapcode Particular2.  Quite a labour of love!

According to the directors:  “The whole creative intention about this project is to face your own process in this world with reflection and self responsibility, to stay curious and create, look for new ideas and stay keen.”  At the moment the VO and the visual is very ‘high concept’.  If they could give it a bit more of a narrative and join the visual language together a bit more – I think this could be on the way to being a new ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’

directors:  Patrick Mccue & Tobias Wiesner, Narrator – Cyrena Dunbar, Music – Cliff Martinez, Sound Design – Gavin Little –, Title Design – Melanie Lukhaup, Content Support – Dr. Michael Cursio, rendering:

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo

One Comment

  1. Hi Patric and Tobias,

    This is “Second to none” – I have viewed the clip 4 times and still I find new details. This animation shows how far talented people can go, but it also shows how software like Aftereffects and Trapcode Particular can add value to 3D scenes.

    Congratulations guys – you have done a fantastic animation.


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