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PROMAX UK 2013 Nominations


Yes – it’s that time of year again – conference season is upon us.  I’m sure the comedy antics of the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem are still fresh in your minds…. Fear not Promax is around the corner – and that will flush your minds of all those unsavoury images…

I was invited to attend a special edition of PUK (the Promax networking drinks events) last week at Envy’s roof bar, where all the nominations for Promax 2013 were announced.

As many of you know there is a list as long as your arm of all the categories, many of which do not pertain to dotmogo’s remit.  So in true fashion we have cherry picked the stuff we like the look of and left everything else for you to discover by going to the Promax nominations page on their website and looking it up for yourself.  Please note that no one at Promax has sent me any of these videos – they are based on what we could find online.

What we will tell you about is the following:

* Best Ident

Probably no surprise that ITV feature so heavily in all the categories – with their mega five simultaneous ident launch at the beginning of the year.  I have a soft spot for ITV3 paper cut style idents – very arty for a mainstream channel, and mostly filmed in camera…(We are preparing a special report about this which will be published soon) .  Also no surprise that the Sky Arts ident is here – a collaboration with selected art college students.  I think it is always going to be easier to do something groovy for an arts channel than for a mainstream one, no?  (not trying to say they didn’t work very hard on these!)  Finally –  very interesting that there is an ident submitted that is not for a broadcast channel – looks like BT Vision’s VOD service is becoming a mainstream player…

1) 4creative – 4seven – Supermarket -

2) 4creative – Film4 – Werewolf Season Sting

3) BSkyB- -Student Idents – Sky Arts

4) ITV- ITV3 (the first ident, above)


6) We Are Seventeen Limited- BT Vision

 * Best Graphic Design or Animation Promo

Loving this category – some really creative work, and pleasantly surprised that there seem to be some healthy budgets for this kind of thing.  We were especially impressed by the David Attenborough’s Eden promo and the crazyness of the Gumball Song.

1) Cartoon Network – Gumball Song

2) Discovery UK Creative- The True Story

3) Double G Studios- CCTV9 FLIP Promo

4) MTV UK & Ireland- Stars & Stripes

5) Red Bee Media- Sound of Cinema – BBC Four

6) Red Bee Media- David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities – Eden

*Best Channel Identity

Again a very difficult one to judge – is it about the ideas?, the design…? One things for sure thiere is a lot of good branding going on with some very small budgets…

1) 5Creative – 5 Star Branding

2) Fox International Channels – Fox International Channels UK

3) ITV – ITV


5) ITV- ITV3

6) NBCUniversal International Television- Universal Channel

*Channel of the Year

Very tough to pick a channel of the year with so many channels doing amazing work.  I’m not sure what the criteria is for this – the quality of the programming?, the quality of the promos and idents…? If anybody wants to tell me then that would be great!

1) 4creative- Channel 4

2) A+E Networks UK – History Channel-

3) BSkyB – Sky Arts

4) ITV – ITV

5) Red Bee Media – Dave

6) Red Bee Media – BBC Four

Some Credits – (where available):

Red Bee Media- Sound of Cinema – BBC Four, Agency: Red Bee Media, Creative – Vikki Stephenson, Creative Head – Oliver Harnett, Animation Studio – Blue-Zoo, Direction & Design – Tom Box, Compositing & illustration – Josep Bernaus Valls.

Red Bee Media- David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities – Eden, Agency – RedBee Media, Production Company – Strange Beast, Design & Direction – PiccadillyCurtains, Design + Animation – Fernando Lazzari

5Creative – 5 Star Branding - Channel 5 Creative – Shirley Sarker / Alessia Alciator / James Wignall, Music by Make Giants, Sound Design: James Frazier

ITV - Executive Creative Director – Phil Lind, Creative Director – Tim Snape, Oscar Cariss, Tony Pipes, Laurie Smith, Gavin Leisfield, Director – James Adamson, Mike Baldwin, Ray Dunlop, Paul Quinn, Sonia Phillips, Phil Bolger, Creative – Adrian Headley, David Tang, Senior Creative – Jo Evans, Head of Design – Mark Gouldie, Neill Pitt,Head of Graphics – Carl Hadley, Graphic Designer – Waldemar Werbel, Sue Frost, Animator – Frank Mansfield, Jardine Frost, Designer – Jason Ford, Joe Lewis, Head of Production – Anna Waldeck-Evans, Exec Producer – Jen Lane, Kirsty Beale, Jill Findlay, Steven Ryan, Producer – Katie Carew, Simon Maniora, Head of Promotions – Dave Hickman, Rudd Studios – Production:Matt Rudd Studio, Creative Director: Matt Rudd, Brand Consultant: Tony Linkson & Paul O’Neill, designer, Sylvie Minois, Producer: Jo Dillon

Author: tim rabjohns

Music Director at Lemez and Fridel and blogger at dotmogo


  1. Brilliantly put together, Tim. The work is all wonderful – and for me its CITV that stands out…

  2. Nice to see CITV getting some love. It was a tiny idea on a modest budget taken a very long way by the in-house team in Manchester, and a great example of how an excellent and concise brief at the start can make all the difference (something that often gets overlooked).

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