Cyriak – 7 Billion – Rabbit Animation

July 20, 2016 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

Who dosn’t need cheering up on our briefly sun drenched chalky shores…?  Personally I’ve had a gutful of politics and I wouldn’t mind seeing some cute bunnies.., what?  about seven billion of them….?  well, why not… Continue reading “Cyriak – 7 Billion – Rabbit Animation” »

BassAwards Winners 2016

July 13, 2016 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

The judging is over for another year and the BassAwards, have announced their winners.  This International Awards for Motion Graphics, Animation and Broadcast Design is now in it’s fourth year and is starting to attract some good judges and submissions. Continue reading “BassAwards Winners 2016” »

Future Deluxe – Freiberger & X&XYZ – “Bananas” film

June 28, 2016 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

Who dosn’t like a banana? (we’ll my brother can’t stand them, but apart from him…)  There is something culturally and comedically resonant about this humble tropical fruit.  Elias Freiberger, X&XYZ and Future Deluxe have clubbed together to explore the banana in depth…

They have even given this self initiated project it’s own website where they have put up the video and a whole selection of shareable GIFs. You can literally go bananas with this  (sorry, couldn’t resist at least one…) Continue reading “Future Deluxe – Freiberger & X&XYZ – “Bananas” film” »

Found Studio – Digital Transformations Film For Fujitsu

June 8, 2016 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

Projection mapping has been around for  quite a while now – we’ve all seen the outdoor shows where a building appears to fall apart and then re-assemble.  Found Studio have brought it to a new level with their ‘Digital Transformations’ film for Fujitsu.  In this film what you see looks like many layers of post produced CGI – whereas, in fact everything was shot in-camera, with no post at all – using a cool new technique called Holo-gauze developed by Stuart Warren Hill of Hextatic fame.  It must have taken a lot of planning, but the end result is fantastic, I think. Continue reading “Found Studio – Digital Transformations Film For Fujitsu” »

Marco Bagni – Warping A Blue Dot Animation

May 17, 2016 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

This week we’ve gone kinda cosmic…Warping A Blue Dot is an experimental animation that explores the interaction between us, the planet we live in, and the basic structure of life and the Universe.  So, not much then. Continue reading “Marco Bagni – Warping A Blue Dot Animation” »