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To mark their 125th anniversary last year, Coca-Cola launched a wide-range of campaigns to celebrate the brand. The iconic drinks label are not afraid to splash their marketing budget on extravagent projects and whilst not all of last year’s campaigns were as impressive as each other, there were certainly a few interesting pieces, particularly their digital installations.

The above video is a well-presented case study from a Istanbul-based agency Antilop showing the brand experience their created in Santralistanbul, a museum and gallery space. Antilop are a relatively new company, established in 2010, but a piece like this for such a huge client is a great portfolio piece for them.

Designed specifically for the Galeri1 space in Santralistanbul, they created an 90sqm immersive environment with a 270-degree projection system. The space is also filled with a quadrophonic soundscape produced by Antilop’s own sound design team.[vimeo w=540]

Keeping with the Turkish link, London-based Memo Akten (whose work we featured on Dotmogo before) has recently worked on another interesting installation piece for Coca-Cola. Collaborating with production company Nexus and visual artist Quayola, between them they produced a beautiful digital waterfall for a shopping mall in Ecuador.

Named ‘Cascada’, the piece uses a Kinect camera to allow shoppers to interact with the waterfall, effecting the colourful particles as they splash through the main atrium. With a 16 metre LED screen and a reactive audio background, the project is a brand experience that is impressive anywhere in the world, but it’s an interesting choice to launch it in Quito, Ecuador. ‘Cascada’ is now touring through Honduras and Colombia.

For more information check out this ‘making of’ video:


Credits: 125 Years – Agency: Boogy, Design Agency: Antilop, Creative Directors: Refik Anadol, Maurizio Braggiotti ,Efe Mert Kaya, Art Direction/Visual Artist: Can Büyükberber, Production Director : Serkan Arslan, Sound Design: Kerim Karaoğlu, Technical Company: Visions

Cascada: Agency: Nexus Interactive Arts, Director: Davide Quayola, Technical Director: Memo Akten, Event/AV Production Co: Induvallas

Author: Reuben Armstrong

Digital Creative at Conran Design Group


  1. Brilliant work! congratulations Antilope team, you guys did an amazing animation and projection work and the sound is incredible.

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