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Zulu Alpha Kilo – #saynotospec

November 11, 2015 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

We’ve all been here people – there’s not much to add about this video as the message is clear – work in creative industries should be valued as much as any other  – maybe anonymously email this video to any client that tries it on next time, or put it on their facebook page… #saynotospec

Bassawards – 2014 Winners

June 13, 2014 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

Finally,  I’ve finished my self imposed exile into a darkened room with only the Bassawards judging platform for company and come out the other side!  It’s always a long process, but I was honoured to have been asked on behalf of dotmogo to judge all the entries.  As expected a huge variety of styles and ideas – mostly to a high standard.

Here’s a special post showcasing the Gold winners of this motion graphics, animation and broadcast design awards.  That’s not to say that there wasn’t a lot of other very interesting work to see from around the globe, in those that did not win.  The best thing to do is go to the Bassawards website winner’s page and have a look at as many of the other pieces as you can.

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LIAF 2013 – London International Animation Festival

October 18, 2013 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

As regular readers of this blog know we really support animation in a big way – and this is why we are very excited by the LIAF when it comes to town each year.  This year it’s their 10th anniversary. It runs from Friday 26th Oct to Sunday 3rd November inclusive, and it always amazes us at how much they can pack in, on so many skill levels for such reasonable prices.  During the 10 years they’ve had 12,000 entries and screened over 2500 films.

It would be impossible to do justice to the full program in a blog post, however I will try and give you an overview of it’s brialliantness (is that even a word…?). Continue reading “LIAF 2013 – London International Animation Festival” »

MGFX – Artificial Agent film

August 23, 2013 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

Are robots invading the earth? Have they already succeeded?  according to the blurb from Artificial Agent – “Humans are nearly all gone from what you knew as planet Earth… giant robots now bestriding planet, mechanised Kings of all they survey, but sadly wondering how to fill their days…”  Well its a tempting proposition put forward by Matt Lawrence and the MGFX team. Continue reading “MGFX – Artificial Agent film” »

Jez Lysaght – WDC Anti Whaling Film

August 9, 2013 by Tim Rabjohns | 1 Comment

I’m going to say it up front – I flipping love whales – large but gentle, mammals like us and even got their own language.  So anything that can help get the humans off their backs is good with me.

Quite apart from that – I found this film very arresting – the tone of it is so jolly and in the style of a 1940’s news reel, but the message is so stark.  At first you think it’s going to say something positive but by the end I felt a bit queasy – but I guess that’s the point.  It’s too easy for informational films to bang on about their topic until you are thoroughly de-sensitised. Continue reading “Jez Lysaght – WDC Anti Whaling Film” »