Best of 2012 in motion graphics & animation part 1

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Ok it’s taken a while to get this together and as there’s so much great work out there we have decided to split this post in to two.

In part one we will look at best 2D animation, 3D animation, title sequences, TV promo and experimental pieces.  One thing we realised is that lots of the categories we chose overlap with each other – however it wouldn’t be practical to lump everything into one big blob of visual mayhem – so bear with us!  The main thing is that we want to champion amazing work with UK involvement – I think we are world leaders in motion and design – so, lets show it off!2D Animation

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In first place we have put Sting Theory & The Mill’s Havana Heat animation for Good Books – not just a visual feast but a great voice over and script as well.  Other extremely notable pieces were the World Wildlife Fund’s Cursor Swarm

[vimeo w=573&h=322]

Art & Graft’s work for the autistic charity Spectrum and the entirely pencil drawn piece called Transition by newcomer Evie Fridel

 3D Animation

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It’s fair to say that this category could be populated by many of the other pieces from other categories, in the end we settled on  the trio of Ekes, Pages and MRK for their astounding work for the Playground Festival – even more astounding when you think of the almost non existent budget and three weeks they made it in.  I really hope that this is seen by some Hollywood movie producers and they get a shot at working on a feature film in this style.

Another notable piece of 3D was Golem by Mccue & Tobias  – inspired by a 1970s sci-fi book featuring a robot that gains consciousness – quite beautiful.

TV Title Sequence

[vimeo w=573&h=322]

It’s been an extraordinary year for the Momoco team. Their Great Expectations  titles won an Emmy in the US – the only UK company to ever have two nominations in the same category.  It’s a delicate yet arresting piece of work, that stylishly lays the foundations for what is to come in the program

TV promo

[vimeo w=573&h=322]

Another hotly contested category for us at dotmogo. A lot of amazing work was inspired by the Olympics in 2012 (along with the budgets!) None more so than Passion Pictures’ BBC Stadium UK promo with its incredible detail, big sound track and bumper length.

Which is not to say that Studio AKA’s Olympic Torch with its pulsating dots of light on a dark background wasn’t amazing or, indeed, MIE’s – CCTV Olympic film with its atheletes made of fluttering triangles.  We also wanted to give a quick mention to Mooschool’s hyper detailed AXN projection mapping promo as well.


[vimeo w=573&h=322]

There are always a wealth of creatives conjuring up their own work with their own briefs – free from client constraints. In 2012 Jordi Pages excelled with his “Ments” animation – pushing himself visually.

We also really enjoyed the VJ visuals of Cerulean and Aszyk which, unusually, got an airing on Channel 4 thanks to their six hour House Party dance-athon back in August

Solipsit - Andrew HuangFinally, strictly speaking we shouldn’t be talking about Solipsist by Andrew Huang at all as it was entirely produced in the US – however the quality of the piece, the coulours and inventive animation make it difficult to ignore in any round up of amazing work of 2012.

That’s all now for part one of our round up.  We will be looking at other hotly contested categories of Channel branding and Installations as well as things like best edit, pop promo and a few other things.

As always – let us know if you or disagree with our choices and what you think….

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo

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  1. Playground Digitals movie is really incredible – I can’t almost leave the screen. Those people are second to none.

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