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DixonBaxi – MTV3 Finland Rebrand


DixonBaxi have just announced a fairly hefty rebrand project for Finnish broadcaster MTV with over 18 sub brands across TV, radio and online. As is common nowadays in our multiplatform world – it’s about turning a broadcast company into a digital media network….

I spoke to Aporva Baxi about this project and he gave me the lowdown on this mega – project…

“More than the visuals we’re pleased with the strategic and cultural impact of our work on the business. Fundamental shifts in how they work and see the world and how they now look and feel.

The heart of the project is to reclaim that leadership and create a new vision for MTV that aligns the channels and platforms into one cohesive network brand, to help advertisers fully understand its breadth and range of viewership, and to offer Finns new ways of enjoying its TV, radio, internet and live events.

We began the project with an intensive and deep company-wide insight phase to get under the skin of the business and understand both the culture of MTV and audience and advertiser perceptions of the brand. Working from the inside out, we created, together with MTV’s staff, a new strategic framework and brand hierarchy for the company,to create a unified portfolio centralised under the MTV network brand.

The new positioning – “MTV for Experiences” – brings to life the creativity and energy within the business. It reinvigorates and inspires new ways to connect, share and deliver meaningful experiences, both large and small, to audiences, where every moment counts and every detail matters.

“The idents you see here are for the MTV3 channel, which is the flagship entertainment channel for MTV Media. Central to the brand is a sense of authenticity and being rooted in Finnish culture, customs and lifestyle. Principles of craft, design and simplicity permeate the brand expressions and identity.”

I think these are interesting takes on the “slice of life” style of idents, that have become more popular these days.  Although these are rooted in real life situations things like the head dresses worn by the roller disco girls or the throwing of paint at a party takes these situations to somewhere a bit more otherworldly

I asked Aporva how they arrived at filming these particular situations.  He told me “The idents are a very tangible expression of shared experiences. “Pier Leap” (which you can see above) taps into the very close relationship with nature the Finns have. It’s a moment they’ve all experienced during Summer break where the whole country heads to the forests and lakes. We wanted to capture that intensity, elation and emotion of that pure moment.

All the idents work this way. Roller Derby is a reinterpretation of the ‘owl’ which has been part of the MTV Media identity since launch. It’s taking that heritage so intrinsic to them and the audience and making it part of the new MTV and an experience in itself.

Colour Party was an interesting one. The client felt that it may be too expressive and not Finnish, but our feeling and ultimately theirs is that MTV brings new experiences to Finland. The cast were so excited and their energy comes through on camera and it very much reflects the new energy and agility within the business.

Aside from the idents we created 24 short stings that tell a broader story around the ident. Capturing additional moments, narrative and allowing the channel to feel fresh and full of content”

We filmed in and around Helsinki over a week. All the idents feature real Finns rather than actors and we worked with a Finnish production team to maintain authenticity.  Each of the idents were purposely filmed with a seamless single shot – a subtle nod to the swoop of the owl.  We shot on Red Epic and had a techno crane for all the moves. We did create this method to make it easier to develop new idents in future – so there is a style and system which we can come back to.

Additionally MTV Sub also works this way. The method and style of shooting and editing creating an ownable system and way of making more in future – either through us or with the MTV team internally.

We were also tasked with rebranding MTV Ava (a more female orientated channel) as well at their News & Sport. Here is a slide that explains the size of the rebrand…”

mtv hierarchy

I think you will agree this is a huge project which will change the face of Finnish broadcasting and digital in the years to come…

Credits: Client – MTV Media, Brand Strategy, Identity, Creative, Production across network – DixonBaxi, Music for MTV 3- Massive Music, Production Company: (MTV3 Idents only): Flatlight Films, Helsinki


Author: tim rabjohns

Music Director at Lemez and Fridel and blogger at dotmogo