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We noticed this pleasingly quirky rebranding of CBS’ portfolio of TV channels across EMEA by Studio Hansa  in partnership with Analog and GlossyRey recently and wanted to show you guys.  I really liked the variety of live action cause and effect of the Reality ident, the hyper real 100% CGI of Network ident and the still motion tensionin the drama ident.  In my opinion they managed to make these identities feel like they had some of the oddball humour of the cooler youth channels like E4 while covering some very mainstream programs

Here’s some info from the press release: “The CBS eye logo is one of the most famous global brands and a bit of a design classic. It was decided that the identity should be uncontrived in the use of the logo and the identity evolved to show views into fantastic worlds contained in rooms.  The logo does not entertain. It is a gateway or endorsement to spectacular entertainment.”

It seems like a true cross media project,  with a host of talented collaborators (See credits) to fulfil the brand idea across on-air, off-air, print and digital. ” follow this CBS idents link for the full picture.

Right lets have a look at some of the idents in detail –  Drama (above) is about the weaving of narrative in stories of all forms.  “These are dreamlike scenarios where seemingly disparate moments of drama collide – to create a moving collage of powerful moments. Objects and people intersect via colourful wires that show the ‘strings attached’ to the building blocks of fascinating drama. The visual spin on the ‘Frozen moment’ technique is to both outline the tangled web construct, but equally to regale in the imperfections of life, the nuances and also an unpretentious allusion to ‘showing the joins’.

Drama, (above) presents  three frozen scenes of definite genre, held together by coloured strings.  The strings reflect the CBS image as well the the aura of the scene, as the characters are literally “hanging on a string”

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Reality uses some fun ‘Cause & Effect’ scenarios – I particularly liked the grenade rolling down a xylophone sound – (definitely something to think about for future productions!)  According to the website: “The world we enter here is a fantastical lab – It is a place of voyeurism concerned with truths that are often stranger than fiction, sometimes spilling over into the downright bizarre.

VFX supervisor Mike Merron from analog said “the challenge here was to augment what couldn’t be shot on the day, any CGI had to be designed and laid out to complement the on set art direction. From the outset we knew the rose was going to be an entirely CG shot, which was a great opportunity and challenge for our team”.

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Network Identity is a fantastic world with a paint machine which mixes white with several different colours on a spinning canvas. Using the different channel colours, and made entirely with 3d Max & Nuke, it embodies the notion of variety and the idea of something for everyone a sort of kaleidoscope of entertainment

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here’s the making of the Network ID as well…

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Action (and Europa) were produced by GlossyRey who did a great job rendering some hyperreal worlds. Part hangar, part shooting range, Action contains a vivid orange-branded rail that weaves throughout. The embodiment of the turbulent journey of action narratives, we follow a cart as it hurtles and weaves it’s way through. However it is no ordinary vessel, producing an arsenal of weaponry it amazingly conquers every target that surprises us along the way…from pinball paddles, kung-fu fighters and alien beings. The idea reinforces the iconic colour-based proposition of CBS Chellozone (orange) coupled with the premium space and the high-adrenaline spectacle of action based stories.”

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“Europa is the repository of cinematic dreams. A cross between a museum and an epic sound stage, Icons of cinema history (I spotted the ET bicycle and the Donnie Darko jet engine) take us on a kinetic journey.  The journey is driven by cinema barriers and plush red rope that act as virtual guides and delivering us a performance of epic proportions suggestive of movies we know and love.”

I would love to know how all of these affect the viewing figures over the next few months – is anyone in a position to let us know this kind of thing…?


SVP/Creative Director CBS/Chellozone: Andy Kidger – Concept: Studio Hansa – Creative Director: Nick Scott – Exec. Producer: Omar Honigh – Producer: Alex Rofaila – Director: Nick Scott – DOP: Felix Wiedemann (Drama, Reality) Lorenzo Levrini (Reality) – CGI/VFX: Analog (Network ID, Drama, Reality) – VFX Producer: Denise Flavell, VFX Supervisor: Mike Merron, Fabio Zaveti, Lead 3D: Tim Woods, 3D : Mike Merron, Matt Chandler, Simulations: Matt Chandler, Compositing: Fabio Zaveti, Urban Forsberg
GlossyRey (Action, Europa) Darkside (Horror) Composer: Si Begg Additional design: Mandala Studio

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo

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