Atyp – “Permission To Explode” promo for SiBegg


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As soon as I saw this inventive and staunchly unncommercial video I thought of Gunther Von Hagen’s amazing Bodyworlds exhibition – where he slices up real bodies in crossections.  In this case I think it’s a bit more figurative than literal and we get a look into a bust of SiBegg’s head.  Done as a collaboration between Atyp & Si Begg to promote his latest album – it was produced as a result of a brief based on the story of a jazz drummer who had tourette’s syndrome. (I challenge any advertising agency to use that as a starter for one of their briefs…)

Chris Angelkov from Atyp told me that the drummer in question used drum rythms to control his swearing, and saw the “Permission to explode ” in a positive and controlled way way – through the music.  In the same way this is SiBeggs ‘permission to explode’ in this strange but compelling album.  Sonically I’m a fan of this sort of track – with it’s audio gymnastics and its intriguing side turns, but I thinking having an interesting video makes it easier to convey to a wider audience.  For me it’s got an old skool, cheeky animation feel – I’m thinking Jan Svankmayer – that provides an odd, but interesting, juxtaposion to this ultra modern sound.  There’s no narrative as such, but you still want to know what happens next…

Chris Angelkov: “It’s not a music video as such, more an experimental short intended to visually embody the sonic direction of the album. The challenge was to embrace the concept of hyper-creativity and attempt to harness this with the just the right amount of rhythm and order – It’s a tricky balance that has long been his trademark.”

Here’s the making of:
[vimeo w=573&h=322]
Chris Angelkov: “Our approach was to marry the multi-layered, eccentric, characteristics of the album with an equally rich and complex approach. Drawing on a mixed media palette we combined 3D scanning, projections, stop motion, scripting, live action & CGI with the aim of creating a unique aesthetic in the true spirit of the project.” This project was definitely a labour of love – it took 5 months on and off to complete, including 300 hours of shooting!

Atyp are also repped by “not to scale“in London. There’s also a great interview with Atyp about this project on It’s Nice That

Credits: Produced and Directed by: ATYP, DOP: Julian Ward, Post production: ATYP, Sound design: Si Begg, 3D Technology: Inition, Technical Director: Robert Jeffries, 3D Printing: Paul Armand, Art department: Joe Nation / Henry Dorman, Stop-frame animation assistant: Lauren Angelkov-Cummings, Lighting: Promotion Ltd

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo

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