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I’m pleased to say that the dotmogo contact form is starting to bring in some great content.  George Thomson from Visitor Studio,  an animation and production design company based in  the Angel area of London, recently got in touch about their latest work on a pop promo.  Produced for an artist called Warsnare (Dan Potter), the video called Eris is a breath taking mix of Ottoman architecture, science fiction and grunge.

Naturally I called George to find out more – he told me ” To create the video we designed 3D sets based on early ottoman architecture, then filmed them in the manner of fixed lens space shuttle footage, and made space backgrounds with various liquid and solvent substance tests in coffee machines, fish tanks and with high pressure jets

The three main things I really like about this video is that it kind of tallies with what I think a science fiction story should look like ( futuristic, yet dirty) and that many stills from the video could be works of art in themselves – the detail is amazing. Also that they have not just relied on standard plug-ins to put it all together.

George told me a bit more about the process they used – “The sets were all shot in the manner of the original wide angled NASA space shuttle footage, to abstract and re-contextualise their forms.  To produce these impressions of space we tested a number of analogue processes, filming liquids and various solvent substances in a fish tank and experimenting with high pressure water jets. These shots were lit in various ways, with a number of different light sources including waterproof LEDs. Also things like burning milk was filmed  and lit with coloured flashing lights to create the nebulous backgrounds.

Here is a more technical breakdown of their process – Figure 1 – the original 3D render – Figure 2 – milk footage and background added – Figure 3 – More atmospheric footage being revealed by a depth pass generated in 3D (the further away the objects get from the camera, the more of the footage is revealed, so the structure almost disappears into the mist).  Figure 4 – the final image, with overlay created with lights shining through glass in the fish tank).

Visitor Studio has been around  since 2010 and george has a background in architecture – having taken his Part 1& 2 exam, as well as animation.  Since inception they have been involved with a wide range of projects from music vids, architectural visualisations, promos for CBBC,  set and production design – they are even creating a temporary oyster bar for the 2012 Olympics!

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo

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