ManvsMachine – Nike Air Max

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Air Superiority

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Having just seen the new Robocop movie, it seems salient to have a post featuring ManvsMachine…Fresh from last years D&AD pencil for their 4Seven idents MvsM are on fighting form with their latest work for Nike. Continue reading “ManvsMachine – Nike Air Max” »

Best of 2012 UK Christmas Idents & Welcome 2013!

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Welcome to 2013 everybody – like many of you we are looking to our ambitions for the year ahead.  As far as dotmogo goes – we are thinking about growing it as an official UK motion graphic/animation/VFX platform for the UK.  The idea being to make it a better portal for attracting clients from the UK and abroad to use our amazing talents – more of this in coming months.  If you are a creative services department for a broadcaster or a company and you would like to be involved then get in contact. Continue reading “Best of 2012 UK Christmas Idents & Welcome 2013!” »

Man vs Machine / KORB – Discovery SCI Idents

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I’m watching an idyllic mountain scene with a lake in the foreground when suddenly all the water drains out and then just as suddenly all the rocks on the bottom jump up in the air and coalesce into a tight ball enveloped in a liquid.  The sound is throbbing and I can vaguely see some letters in there, but I as I do I get a fly blotting out my vision as it flys right at me.  This is certainly not zone -out television – it’s one of a new set of idents for Discovery’s Science channel called SCI.

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Man Vs Machine Toyota iQ sponsorship spots

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[vimeo w=573&h=322]
I just got a nice little update on what Man Vs Machine have been upto.  They have just finished series of ten abstract spots that embrace the unique design of the Toyota iQ – for use in association with sponsored content on channel 4.

Mike Alderson told me: “Luckily we were given an open brief on this project – the client liked our previous work and was confident they would like what we came up with!  Using the car as a catalyst various forms are given new life as a result of the signature contact moment.

Considering the car does very little in each of these spots, I think they have created a kind of “magic” around it, using some very imaginative textures and sounds.  I only wish driving in the outside world was interesting….

Direction & animation:ManvsMachine Production company:Nexus

I also wanted to flag up these fun idents they made for syfy kids – as part of their on-going work with NBC Universal.
[vimeo w=573&h=322]
I was told: “The logical solution was to create an unlikely family of toy-like characters, each one based on the forms of the Syfy brand. The characters were designed with one eye on versatility for future uses both on and off screen and we’re looking forward to taking these little guys on all sort of adventures as the brand rolls out.” Watch this space.

October 4, 2010
by Tim Rabjohns

New Sky Arts idents – Jon Yeo & Cam Levin

Sky have just re-branded their two arts channels, with some great “warm” idents – I think it would have been very easy to go “esoteric” with any channel with the word “arts” in it – but knowing what we know … Continue reading