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dotmogo best animation VFX & Motion graphics of 2011 results

January 27, 2012 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

Well we’ve finally compiled all the votes sent in to us by various key figures in UK motion graphics, animation and VFX as well as the dotmogo team and fans of the site. You can see the original post with all the candidates for the categories here

Interestingly some categories were very closely contested and some were complete landslides – It was mainly compiled from the best of what we have had on the site over the year – we are always happy if people want to send in submissions – especially if they were originated in the UK or Europe…

anyway here are all the well deserved winners:

TV branding category: Double G Studios with their T4 Robots

Commercial graphics: Saam Farahmand’s “Machine” for Soulwax

Best TV promo: Red Bee & Elie Zaccour – Art Revealed for the BBC

Best Outdoor Event Graphics: The Darkroom’s Goodwood projections

Best VFX: The Mill’s work on the latest Primeval series

Best Animation Short: Team Cerf’s Meet Buck

Best 2D animation: Sander Van Dijk’s Pausefest

Best experimental graphics: Stuart Sinclair’s Macro Lens Experiments

Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll – we thought it would be fun to let the motion graphics/animation/VFX pros decide who they like best – if you don’t agree, then maybe post a comment…

As I know you are always up for some eye candy and because I included all the videos from the winners in the previous posts – I thought I wouldinclude this amazing outdoor graphics show from Amsterdam’s Mr.Beam:

Made for the 10th anniversary of the Photography Museum in Amsterdam (Foam). The main concept behind the show was initially inspired by the work of the four guest curators (Jefferson Hack, Lauren Cornell, Erik Kessels, Alison Nordstrom) lead by the questioning title: “What’s Next For Photography?”

Credits: Projections – Mr.Beam, Audio Composition – Arjen Jongeneel, Tech: BeamSystems

BBC Knowledge by Weareseventeen and Mauro Rader

January 25, 2012 by Reuben Armstrong | 0 comments

It’s taken us a little while to get this post up but it’s worth the wait…

Last year, the BBC commissioned Weareseventeen to produce an short motion piece for their natural history and science magazine ‘BBC Knowledge’. The result, co-animated by freelance motion designer Mauro Rader is a beautiful series of smoothly evolving vector-based compositions. It went on to be selected as part of 2011’s PromaxBDA State of Design session, an international showcase of “the most inspiring motion work from the past year”.

We got in touch with Mauro to find out a bit more about the project… Continue reading “BBC Knowledge by Weareseventeen and Mauro Rader” »

Momoco – classy Great Expectations & Copelia titles

January 20, 2012 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

Momoco is arguably one of the most prolific UK studios specialised in creating main titles for film and tv. Their body of work includes many main titles for tv shows, such as the crime drama Luther (BBC), the BAFTA-nominated titles for Misfits (E4) and a long list of film titles like Love Actually, Johnny English, Hard Candy and recently The Three Musketeers.

I was watching a spot of telly over Christmas and saw a very classy title sequence for the latest adaptation of Dickens’ Great Expectations so I thought I’d find out a bit more…

Tom Bromwich from Momoco told me more: “We follow the birth and death of a butterfly. In beautifully textural 3D, the creature bursts out of the cocoon, unfurling its fragile self into a dark world. As the sequence progresses we see intricate filigree tattooed onto the wings, growing like creeping ivy.  Eventually the tattoos start to envelop the entire wingspan, patterns over patterns until the creature is blacked out to an eerie silhouette of itself.

The sequence parallels the lead character’s evolution, and echoes the theme of transformation in the book.  The end of the sequence with the deathly black butterfly is more in touch with Dickens’ original ending  – where Pip and Estella don’t live happily ever after.  However his publisher made him change it – typical eh?

Tom told me it was made primarily with 3DS Max and after effects as a motion graphics piece.  However originally they started off with alive action shoot of some butterflies, but it made the feel of the piece a bit “dark”. Hence in the end they stuck to CG animation to have more control.

Credits:Designed & Directed by Nic Benns, Lead 3D Artist: Rodi Kaya, Titles Producer: Tom Bromwich

I also wanted to show you their stunning opening sequence for their very own Copelia project – a  21 minute film which has featured in 10 international festivals.

This multi-award winning dark but beautiful fantasy stars Ralph Brown, Vincent Regan, John Standing and Olivia Williams.  I havn’t seen the movie yet – but the opening is very beautiful – and reminded me of album covers made by 23Envelope for the Cocteau Twins on 4AD. There is a handy little montage of that here

MIE – Unseen BBC Boat Race Promo & New Head Animation

January 13, 2012 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

I caught up with Joe Marshall at MIE recently and he told me the story of this amazing promo made by MIE for the Oxford Cambridge boat race last year . Tragically it was never aired as days before delivery news of a devastating tsunami in  Japan broke and it was shelved.

For the overall style of the sequence, the client asked them to take inspiration from the famous 19th century japanese print “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai, and also from one of their own films, “Lucky”.  The Great Wave is arguable one of the most most famous pieces of Japanese art  – and I for one love this style – it manages to be graphic yet organic at the same time.  Also, for me the colours sit side by side in a very pleasing way – everything is very clear. The plain faces of the rowers caught in their struggle against the resistance of the water and the the competing teams is captured perfectly.   They used these references to develop the original artwork for the storyboard in a mainly monochrome palette.

Here is one of the styleframes.


Continue reading “MIE – Unseen BBC Boat Race Promo & New Head Animation” »

Wind Drinker animation for TEDx Amsterdam by Make ’em Say

January 12, 2012 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

This nice little video for “The Winddrinker” was sent to us at the end of last year by Amsterdam’s Make ’em Say – and although it is not a high budget production (it was made voluntarily for TEDx Amsterdam) it has a great clean style and gets its message across very clearly.  I particularly like the tone – just the right mix of light but informative.  Plus, of course, it’s a great idea for a social enterprise – and we love a good socially motivated film, here at dotmogo

The Winddrinker makes clean drinking water affordable for the poor and can turn salt water into clean drinking water utilizing solely wind energy, making it a  promising solution to water problems in dry coastal areas of developing countries.

CREDITS: Animation, script and production –  Make ‘em Say: Hey! / Max van Gorkum, Art direction by Everyone & Friends / Thomas le Gras, Sound design by 3 Colours Music / Daniel Leseman, “Studio” font WYLD by SUBTYPE