Best of 2012 UK Christmas Idents & Welcome 2013!

January 3, 2013 by Tim Rabjohns | 1 Comment

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Welcome to 2013 everybody – like many of you we are looking to our ambitions for the year ahead.  As far as dotmogo goes – we are thinking about growing it as an official UK motion graphic/animation/VFX platform for the UK.  The idea being to make it a better portal for attracting clients from the UK and abroad to use our amazing talents – more of this in coming months.  If you are a creative services department for a broadcaster or a company and you would like to be involved then get in contact. Continue reading “Best of 2012 UK Christmas Idents & Welcome 2013!” »

PROMAX UK 2012 Winners roundup

November 15, 2012 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

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So the great and the good of the UK’s television marketing and promotions fraternity were gathered at the Hilton Hotel, London last week for the annual Promax UK’s Awards.

Although it does not cover all areas of UK motion, animation and VFX activity by any means, it is a good round up of the best work that we might find on our mainstream UK TV channels. Also good to see more categories for digital, as the concept of the second screen takes hold. Continue reading “PROMAX UK 2012 Winners roundup” »

Sky 3D idents – Jon Yeo

October 7, 2011 by Tim Rabjohns | 0 comments

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I was just contacted by Jon Yeo who told me about an amazing piece of motion design for Sky.  Sky 3D, Europe’s first in-home 3D channel was launched on October 1st 2010. To mark the one year anniversary, Sky Creative was given the task of refreshing the Sky 3D brand. Unfortunately we can’t show you what it looks like in stereoscopic vision here – but the 2D looks pretty amazing on it’s own.

Jon said they definately wanted to create a “THX moment” onscreen and went on to tell me a bit about the job, “Vibrant colourful powder goes to illustrate the “DNA” of the channel. An effective visual device with which to describe the spatial depth delivered by 3D TV. It was important that these sequences felt believable and tangible in order to stay true to the stereoscopic effect. We decided to shoot the action for real, rather than generating the material and behaviours digitally. Continue reading “Sky 3D idents – Jon Yeo” »

October 4, 2010
by Tim Rabjohns

New Sky Arts idents – Jon Yeo & Cam Levin

Sky have just re-branded their two arts channels, with some great “warm” idents – I think it would have been very easy to go “esoteric” with any channel with the word “arts” in it – but knowing what we know … Continue reading

May 24, 2010
by Tim Rabjohns

Jon Yeo – Sky ident king!

I had a very interesting chat with Jon Yeo – the man behind all the Sky channels’ branding the other day. I know it’s been around for a couple of years now, but I wasn’t doing this blog then, so … Continue reading