Best of 2012 UK Christmas Idents & Welcome 2013!

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Welcome to 2013 everybody – like many of you we are looking to our ambitions for the year ahead.  As far as dotmogo goes – we are thinking about growing it as an official UK motion graphic/animation/VFX platform for the UK.  The idea being to make it a better portal for attracting clients from the UK and abroad to use our amazing talents – more of this in coming months.  If you are a creative services department for a broadcaster or a company and you would like to be involved then get in contact.

Secondly we have plans to expand the directory and give more detail next to every company and freelancer.  We have heard a lot of positive stories about people finding work through this info service – long may it continue!

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In the meantime I just wanted to have a quick review of the Christmas idents on British TV in 2012.  They seem to fall into two categories – ones that feature the normal branding in a Christmassy way, or ones that use talent that appear on the channel.  I promise that one year we will have a proper review of this topic and go through all the channels.  This time I have picked my favourites from the channels I could access.  My favourite, for pure class and giving the winter vibe in the least annoying way is the More4 idents, done by ManvsMachine for Channel 4.  Although lacking in any human touch – I felt very peaceful and content when I watched these.  We already featured the original More4 all analogue idents in January 2012, and the Christmas versions are just as good.

The other ident I liked was for Sky One – an example of one that uses the talent onscreen – in this case JLS.  I really liked the background with all the tents and lights – it had a sort of innocence and humanity to it, and when the snowball goes in the face and they ran around it really looked liked they were enjoying themselves and were not just putting it on for the cameras. Simple yet effective…

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It seems to be a tough assignment for broadcasters each year – and some of them, no names, no pack drill, really havn’t done very well.  It’s always amusing to read the comments under the videos in Youtube to see what the great British public think about the Christmas branding they have been fed.  For one of the top two channels (I’ll let you decide which) it said “looks like a 40 minute school assignment, to me” (ouch!).  I think in this age of high end computer graphics it’s easy to get something on air quite cheaply  – so, there is no excuse for not thinking up a creative idea that can engage the viewer AND look good.  Case in point the Sky One ident shows it is possible to find something that can tap into the innocence & magic of this time of year, without spending a fortune  (I mean that in a nice way!)

I’d be interested to hear from any broadcasters as to what they think about Christmas/Winter branding – after all it’s something that comes up every year and is any interpretation of what is good and proper is quite personal.

I’d be happy to put the credits up for the Sky One ident, if somebody wants to send them to me…

Credits: More4 Christmas idents, Concept, design & direction: ManvsMachine, DoP: Martin Hill, Industrial design: Jason Bruges Studio, Producer @ 4Creative: Louise Oliver, Creative Director @ 4Creative: Dan Chase, Audio: Kelpe

Author: Tim Rabjohns

Audio Strategist at Make This Noise and blogger at dotmogo

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  1. That was pretty god like use of animation and motion graphics. Here is my reel:

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